Access the largest database of verified emission factors

61,000+ scientifically vetted emission factors delivered through a single API integration.

Comprehensive dataset

Global and up-to-date emission factors – covering carbon dioxide and all constituent gasses. Sourced from government agencies and respected institutions, our data is transparent and traceable.

Normalized and enriched

Data from 30+ sources is now easily digestible in a structured format. Each factor is enriched with extensive metadata, including sector, category, validity year, source, CO2e calculation method, and region, along with quality flags and LCA activity.

Scientifically validated

Our data undergoes rigorous verification through expert manual review and AI-driven outlier detection. It's audited for both accuracy and completeness by our team of in-house scientists, with oversight from a panel of respected environmental scientists.

Use cases

Carbon Measurement

Add carbon emission metrics to your platform, so your customers can accurately track and report on their carbon footprint.

Our data in numbers

All of Climatiq’s emission factors are compliant with the GHG Protocol and expressed in CO2e -Carbon Dioxide Equivalent, taking into account Global Warming Potential in 100 years (GWP 100).

Explore Emission Factors
  • 61k+

    emission factors covering spend- and activity-based calculations

  • 300+

    global regions ranging from countries to local regions and cities

  • 31

    sources of government-issued and scientifically-audited data, plus premium data providers such as ecoinvent and IEA

  • 16

    economic sectors incl. energy, transport, supply chain, infrastructure, waste, and IT

Trusted data providers

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Science against greenwashing

Vetted by a team of climate data scientists
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Access ecoinvent via API

Our partnership with ecoinvent, the industry-leading life cycle inventory database trusted by practitioners worldwide, allows you to access the most comprehensive data to drive your emission calculations.

Discover the benefits of ecoinvent's database by visiting

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Unlock the full potential of Climatiq

Data Sourcing

Accelerate your roadmap

Launch features faster by leveraging our robust carbon calculation infrastructure. Take advantage of our all-inclusive toolkit complete with data, methodology, logic, solution engineering support, and tech to go-to-market fast and meet demand.

Scientific Vetting

Get the full picture

Use a single API to calculate emissions in 16+ economic sectors and 300+ regions. React quickly to customer needs, tailor your solution, and grow your offering to build stronger customer relationships.

Data Transformation

Simplified pricing

Plan and budget resources effectively with our predictable and straightforward pricing model. Get clear price estimates, avoiding runaway costs and complicated fee structures.