Scientifically vetted emission factors. Open to all.

Climatiq's GHG emission calculation engine is powered by the largest open database of vetted emission factors.

Our data in numbers

Choose among thousands of up-to-date and verified emission factors in our open database or import your own to accurately calculate the carbon emissions of any activity.

All of Climatiq’s emission factors are compliant with the GHG Protocol and expressed in CO2e - i.e. Carbon Dioxide Equivalent, taking into account GWP 100, i.e. Global Warming Potential in 100 years.

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  • 48k+

    emission factors covering spend- and activity-based calculations

  • 300+

    global regions ranging from countries to local regions and cities

  • 31

    sources of government-issued and scientifically audited data, plus premium data providers such as ecoinvent

  • 16

    economic sectors incl. energy, transport, supply chain, infrastructure, waste, and IT

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Compliant up-to-date emission factors

Climatiq's emission factor database offers everything you need to generate GHG emission calculations.
Data Sourcing

Data sourcing

Sourced exclusively from governmental agencies and renowned academic institutions. Our data points are normalised with a consistent format and constantly updated with the latest releases.

Scientific Vetting

Scientific vetting

Audited for accuracy and completeness by our team of in-house scientists with oversight from a panel of renowned environmental scientists.

Data Transformation

Data enrichment

Emission factor data transformed and enriched with additional metadata including quality flags, LCA methodology, GHG Protocol Scope, and link to original sources for full transparency.

100% Transparent

100% transparent

Open access to the full dataset through our Data Explorer or API for integration into third-party solutions. Full transparency on updates, enabling contribution and collaboration.

Science against greenwashing

Vetted by a team of climate data scientists
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Access ecoinvent via API

Our partnership with ecoinvent, the industry-leading life cycle inventory database trusted by practitioners worldwide, allows you to access the most comprehensive data to drive your emission calculations.

Discover the benefits of ecoinvent's database by visiting

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