How-To Guides

Here you'll find a list of guide that explains how to do perform one particular task:

Curious about how to make your first API call with Climatiq?

Come along and we'll take you through it.

The Climatiq API can easily be integrated with Excel.

Click here to figure out how.

An API token is only a few clicks away.

Click here if you're not sure how to get one.

Climatiq can help you calculate the carbon footprint of your cloud usage for the big three cloud providers.

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Wondering exactly what an emission factor is?

Read an introductory guide here

Do you need a little primer on the ways CO2e for an activity is calculated from constituent gases? Look no further.

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Are you still on Beta v2? Learn here what breaking changes were made in v3, and how to migrate.

Get the freshest version of the API here

Figure out what Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) are, and how Climatiq surfaces LCA data.

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Industry classification codes attempt to categorize human activities into a specific set of categories. Climatiq can use them to help you calculate your carbon emissions.

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The Custom Activity Mapping tool and endpoint makes it easy perform emission estimates using your own idntifiers, without ever needing to change a line of code.

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