Climatiq Guides

Here you will find a variety of guides.

  • Tutorials are learning-oriented and take you through parts of the Climatiq product, while teaching you underway
  • How-to's are goal-oriented and teach you how to solve a concrete problem
  • The Understand section dives into deeper explanation and help you understand the Climatiq product and the sustainability space better




What an emission factor is

Wondering exactly what an emission factor is? Read an introductory guide here.

The Climatiq activity ID

Understand the concept of Activity ID, what is it for and how it relates to emission factors.

How CO2e calculations work

Need a little primer on the ways CO2e for an activity is calculated from constituent gases? Look no further.

How Climatiq handles data quality

Climatiq sometimes finds emission factors that have data quality issues. See how we handle this, and what information we pass on to our API users.

A quick guide to Lifecycle Assessments

Learn what lifecycle asssessments are and how they can apply to your carbon estimates.

How to work with different currencies

Climatiq works with over 40 currencies. Read here to learn about how we handle conversion rates and more.

How you can calculate scope 3.1 emissions

A guide on how to calculate scope 3.1 (purchased goods and services) emissions.

Data Versioning: How Climatiq handles updates to emission factors

How Climatiq uses data versions to let you choose between stability and recency of results.

How API versioning works at Climatiq

How Climatiq versions its API, and how long you have to upgrade when a new version is released.

Choose electricity emission factors for Scope 2

Find out how to select the right emission factor(s) for valid estimations of emissions from electricity usage.

How To Estimate Scope 3 Fuel and Energy Related Activities (FERA) For Electricity, Heat and Steam

Guidance on the methodologies of estimating scope 3 fuel and energy related activities.

How to Calculate Emissions from Travel

Understand how Climatiq calculate emissions produced from travel by car, airplane, train, and hotel stays.