Emissions data and automated CO2e metrics for ESG platforms

Develop robust GHG reporting capabilities with best-in-class emission factors and automated carbon footprint calculations. Help customers unify their ESG and sustainability reporting and meet their net-zero goals.

Trusted by ESG industry leaders

Deliver compliant carbon management solutions

Launch faster

Accelerate your product roadmap and extend your ESG platform by meeting customer demand for emissions reporting and guidance.

Free up resources

Keep your team focused on product development and user experience, and leave emissions analytics to Climatiq.

Build credibility

Increase customer trust and eliminate guesswork with science-backed data and audit-ready calculations that you can rely on.

Discover how Novata empowers carbon measurement for the private sector and beyond with Climatiq's API.
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Carbon Measurement

Use Climatiq’s Data and Calculate API to help customers move beyond spreadsheets when it comes to sustainability reporting.

Embedded Calculators

Automate scope 1-3 emissions calculations across geographies. Enable customers to easily understand their carbon footprint.

Audit-ready Reports

Streamline your customers’ sustainability disclosure obligations with trusted, transparent, and audit-ready emissions reports.

Interactive Dashboards

Bring data to life with responsive visualizations and help customers monitor emissions in real-time.


Carbon Action

Extend your platform to help customers decarbonize faster and unlock new efficiencies with solutions for sustainability planning and decision-making.

Net-Zero Planning

Project future emissions across business activities so customers can better forecast and compare alternative net-zero pathways.


Identify emission hotspots and anomalies, so that customers can direct resources towards mission critical bottlenecks.

Supplier Comparison

Surface CO2e as an additional variable alongside cost and quality to help customers evaluate and choose suppliers. Coming soon

Integrate verified CO2e data into your platform in 3 steps


Integrate the Climatiq API

Use our globally distributed REST API with applications running on any device or server located in any data center.


Access data and calculate emissions

Access the largest dataset of over 70,000 emission factors from 36+ sources to automate CO2e calculations.


Launch your sustainability app

Build bespoke solutions for your industry and help customers access carbon insights and take action.