Build carbon intelligence into your software

Embed GHG data into your products, give your customers actionable insights into their carbon footprint and help them meet their net zero commitments.
Trusted by 4,000+ sustainability leaders worldwide

Automate GHG emission calculations in 3 simple steps

Integrate the Climatiq API

Use our globally distributed REST API with applications running on any device or server located in any data center.

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Integrate the Climatiq API
Measure and Monitor your Emissions with Climatiq.

Access trusted emissions data

Choose among thousands of up-to-date and scientifically vetted emission factors in our open database or import your own to accurately calculate the carbon emissions of any activity.

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Calculate emissions in real-time

Power your solutions and software with automated CO2e calculations. Get clear insights and make informed sustainability decisions.

Reduce your carbon emissions and offset the rest with the help of Climatiq.

Embed carbon intelligence in decision-making

Climatiq for Corporations - Make smarter sustainability decisions and put your climate footprint accounting on autopilot.

Enterprise SaaS

Upgrade your solutions with automated carbon emission calculations. Get access to convenient, up-to-date emission factors. No need to maintain your own datasets.

Climatiq for Consultants - Help a range of businesses measure, manage, and mitigate their environmental impact.

Apps & Software

Embed carbon emission calculations in your applications with a simple API integration and show customers you mean business when it comes to climate change.

Climatiq for Brands - Show customers you mean business when it comes to climate change.

Data Warehouses

Connect diverse data sources and departments into a central repository to get a holistic view of the carbon emissions caused by daily business operations.

For developers

Emission Calculation API

Data sources & methodology

Scientifically vetted emission factors

Use the REST API with applications running on any device or server. Our API is distributed around the globe, handling logic at the edge and reliably providing extremely low latency and processing time (not to mention emissions!).

Access the latest scientific data and methodologies sourced from government agencies and leading researchers around the world, including GHG Protocol, EXIOBASE, ecoinvent, Defra/BEIS, EPA, UBA/GEMIS, and ADEME, among many others.

Partner with Climatiq to import your data.

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Explore Emission Factors

Our mission is to drive climate action through data and insight.

By helping you measure, analyse, and understand how and where your business generates emissions, we make it easy for you to start and scale effective change.
The best decisions are backed up by trustworthy information. At Climatiq, we want to provide you with clear, understandable emissions data that empowers you to make the most impactful, sustainable choices for your business.
Our easy-to-implement API allows you to collect emissions data, automate carbon emission calculations, and ultimately, to make data-supported decisions on how your business can become more sustainable, fast.

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