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400M+ monthly carbon calculations

Discover how leading SaaS platforms are using Climatiq’s carbon calculation engine to tap into new revenue streams, outpace the competition, and deepen customer loyalty.

We help our partners achieve measurable results

2 solutions launched
8 months faster
82% cost savings

by Celonis in two years using Climatiq's APIs

for CarbonOne to launch a carbon management solution

achieved by a transport software provider vs. building a solution internally

"Climatiq has played a pivotal role in enabling Celonis to swiftly expand our enterprise sustainability offerings. Our partnership has resulted in a suite of new innovative features and apps, garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback, and encouraging us to expand with new offerings."

Janina Bauer

Global Head of Sustainability @ Celonis

“We want our customers to be able to quickly simulate changes in their supply chain and see the impact. We don’t want that to be an overnight process. We want it to be happening in human time. Now, we can just call a specific API from Climatiq.”

John Nafis

Product Manager @ Kinaxis

"With Climatiq as our partner, Novata has gained access to a developer-friendly toolkit, industry leading data, and scientific expertise. This partnership has played a crucial role in the development of our carbon calculation module and sped up time-to-market."

Mark Fischel

Carbon Product Lead @ Novata

"It was a pure pleasure to work with the whole team."

Dag Oliver

Head of Sustainability @ Zalaris

“The integration with Climatiq was one of the easiest things that we've developed through our journey, definitely. We managed to implement the API with one developer, and within one sprint. After a few rounds of testing, we were able to move forward with our product, and never had to look back for any significant support afterwards.”

CTO & Co-founder

"No large company would outsource their whole financial accounting expertise, so why do it for a similarly sensitive issue: carbon accounting?"

Senior Manager for Data & Analytics