Embedded emissions insights for Supply Chain Management

Extend your SCM platform with integrated scope 3 carbon management. Give customers real-time visibility into their carbon footprint so they can weigh CO2e alongside economic indicators, optimize their end-to-end supply chain, and comply with evolving sustainability regulations.

Deliver trusted and scalable carbon solutions with Climatiq

Unlock revenue

Tap into new revenue streams and extend your platform by meeting customer demand for supply chain emissions reporting and guidance.

Stay competitive

Outpace your competition by pioneering new sustainability features for SCM, positioning yourself as an industry innovator.

Deepen loyalty

Build customer trust with integrated sustainability features that supercharge your platform and make it indispensable to customers’ daily operations.


Your SCM platform, our data and calculations

Surface carbon insights and recommendations across the entire supply chain lifecycle.

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Project and simulate emissions across the supply chain, so customers can forecast and mitigate emissions.


Surface CO2e alongside cost and quality metrics, so customers can evaluate suppliers and make the right purchasing decisions.


Combine carbon and production data to visualize emission hotspots. Help customers optimize energy use and manufacturing processes in real-time.


Reveal emissions hidden in transport networks, so customers can optimize fleet operations, delivery routes and transport modes.

Integrate verified CO2e data in your platform in 3 steps


Integrate the Climatiq API

Use our globally distributed REST API with applications running on any device or server located in any data center.


Access data and calculate emissions

Access the largest dataset of emission factors and automate CO2e calculations.


Launch your sustainability app

Build bespoke solutions for your industry and help customers access carbon insights and take action.

Discover how Kinaxis integrates carbon transparency into supply chain planning using Climatiq's API
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Carbon Measurement

Integrate compliant emissions reporting and analytics to your SaaS platform, so your customers can measure and monitor their carbon footprint.


Carbon Action

Help customers unlock new efficiencies and decarbonize faster. Deliver customized solutions to support planning, decision-making and process optimization.