Climatiq add-on for Google Sheets

An easy, no-code solution for using Climatiq’s carbon estimation API.

Get started with emission calculations in your spreadsheets, try out our calculations, build proof of concepts, and evaluate feasibility with your team before fully integrating the API.

How it works

The add-on offers pre-built custom formulas for all of our API endpoints, including travel, cloud computing, fuel and electricity consumption, shipping and freight logistics, and purchased goods and services.

Users can also search Climatiq's emission factor database to find the right factor for a specific use case.

The Google Sheets add-on can be used across all endpoints for non-commercial use free of charge for up to 500 emission estimations per month.

For commercial or large-scale usage, please contact our sales team.

Follow these steps to get started

1. Install the add-on via the Google Workspace Marketplace

2. Review the documentation

3. Sign up for the API and request to be whitelisted here

4. Generate your unique API key from Climatiq and add it in the settings for the Climatiq Google Sheet add-on (Extension > Climatiq > Set API key)

For questions, reach out to our support team.