Transform travel data into actionable carbon insights

Empower your customers to do more than just offset the occasional flight. Address scope 3 emissions and enable greener travel choices by integrating emission calculations into your travel management software.


Understand the carbon footprint of any journey

Rely on Climatiq’s calculation engine to measure emissions from flights, train rides, car trips, and hotel stays.

Full Coverage

Utilize distance-, spend-, and fuel-based methods for comprehensive insights


Automatic selection of correct emission factors including built-in fallbacks


Adjust for cabin class, vehicle size, and engine to improve accuracy


Effortless, real-time emission calculations

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your travel data, our toolkit provides granular, route-specific emission estimates from any available travel records.

Instant Mapping

Easy mapping to ticket data, trip logs, expense reports, or travel itineraries

Distance Calculation

Automatic distance calculations for air, train, and car journeys

Versatile Geocode

Flexible address resolution using free text, postal/ZIP codes, city/country names, Lat/Longs, or IATA airport codes

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Comprehensive worldwide coverage

Get a global view on travel emissions, no matter the destination.


Routing and distance calculations for all global regions, including China, Japan, and South Korea


Region-specific emission factors for hotel stays


Support for 38 currencies for spend-based travel estimates


Compliant, unbiased, and transparent carbon insights

Access reliable estimates underpinned by the latest scientific methodology, free from conflict of interest from the sale of carbon offsets.


Accredited by the Smart Freight Center for GLEC compliance, the only globally recognized logistics GHG emissions framework


Regularly updated data and methodologies, vetted by our in-house climate scientists and overseen by our Scientific Advisory Board


Audit-ready calculation trail including applied emission factor, data source, year valid, and more

Our science and data

Build with flexibility

Seamless integration into your solution with a platform-agnostic REST API

Low-latency API on a global Edge network

Robust enterprise security

Full documentation, support, and Discord community

Unlock the full potential of Climatiq

Accelerate your roadmap

Launch features faster by leveraging our robust carbon calculation infrastructure. Take advantage of our all-inclusive toolkit complete with data, methodology, logic, solution engineering support, and tech to go-to-market fast and meet demand.

Get the full picture

Use a single API to calculate emissions in 16+ economic sectors and 300+ regions. React quickly to customer needs, tailor your solution, and grow your offering to build stronger customer relationships.

Simplified pricing

Plan and budget resources effectively with our predictable and straightforward pricing model. Get clear price estimates, avoiding runaway costs and complicated fee structures.

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