Automated calculations for scope 1/2/3 emissions

Carbon emission measurements with built-in emission factor selection. Empower your customers with actionable insights through a single, easy-to-use API.


Spend- and activity-based carbon calculations with built-in mapping, unit/currency conversions, and domain-specific support.


Calculations validated for compliance with global standards like GHG Protocol, GLEC, and ISO 14067.

Built for scale

Quickly integrate our API, reference extensive documentation, and rely on a scalable Edge network to power your software.

Trusted by hundreds of B2B software platforms
Discover how Kinaxis integrates carbon transparency into supply chain planning using Climatiq's API.
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Integrate verified CO2e data into your platform in 3 steps


Integrate the Climatiq API

Use our globally distributed REST API with applications running on any device or server located in any data center.


Access data and calculate emissions

Access the largest dataset of over 70,000 emission factors from 36+ sources to automate CO2e calculations.


Launch your sustainability app

Build bespoke solutions for your industry and help customers access carbon insights and take action.