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We are Climatiq. Our mission is to drive climate action through data and insight.

The best decisions are backed up by trustworthy information. Our open dataset and versatile API allow you to collect emissions data, automate carbon emission calculations, and ultimately, to make data-supported sustainability decisions. By understanding exactly how and where your organisation generates emissions, you can quickly start and scale effective change.

The world has begun transitioning to a green economy and Climatiq equips organisations with the technical tools necessary to speed this vital revolution in how businesses and economies tackle the harmful gases that drive climate change. Software alone won’t mitigate the existential risk of the climate crisis, but will help to enable change at scale. We believe in a future where sustainable business is the norm and we are building the infrastructure that enables green transition.

Our Manifesto

The climate crisis is the defining issue of our time. Tomorrow will be too late — we need to act today.

Global heating is borderless, so we must unite and cooperate to ensure a safe and viable future for people and the planet.  

A clear understanding of how activities impact the climate is critical to making informed, effective decisions.

Transparent, comprehensive climate impact data will empower business, academia, and the public sector to collaborate in taking rapid, meaningful action against the crisis.

Tools and information should be affordable and accessible to everyone. While data and technology alone won’t solve the climate crisis, they’re essential to facilitating widespread action.

CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) emissions will influence decision-makers as much as price or quality, when choosing goods and services.  

Sustainability is a competitive business advantage, both in the short- and long-term.

We default to action: every step that is informed by good data steers us in the right direction.

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