Climatiq simplifies the process of calculating your environmental footprint. We help you understand your impact on the environment by converting your operational activity data into CO2e estimates. With our REST API, you can easily integrate Climatiq into your software and systems and automatically generate CO2e values using scientifically validated emission factors from the Climatiq database.


Our API has a number of endpoints for searching and estimating emission factors, as well as specific purposes like calculating emissions from transport using different modes (opens in a new tab), or estimating activities classified under industry-specific classification schemes.

In-Depth Guides

A collection of tutorials for using some of our advanced endpoints, and guides for understanding how emission factors are calculated.

What is an Emission Factor?

If you are new to calculating carbon emissions, you might be overwhelmed by all the specific phrases - so get started by learning about the most important one: Emission Factors.

Calculating Scope 3.1 Emissions with Climatiq’s Procurement Endpoint

Spend-based emission calculations are a common way to estimate emissions for purchased goods and services (GHG Protocol Category 3.1) when detailed activity data is not available. Climatiq can make this easier - learn how.

Estimate Scope 3 fuel and energy related activities (FERA)

It can be confusing to calculate fuel and energy related activites for your scope 3 reporting, but here you will find guidance.

CO2e calculation methods

What is CO2 equivalents(CO2e) and how are they calculated? Here we explain CO2e, constituent gases and the different calculation methods, such as AR4, AR5 and AR6.

Private emission factors

Learn how Climatiq allows you to upload your own private emission factors and use them.

Calculate Intermodal Freight Emissions

Calculating emissions for shipping across several different modalities, such as air, sea and road is a complex undertaking - use Climatiq's dedicated endpoint for quick estimations.

Use common classification codes for quick carbon estimates

Climatiq's out-of-the-box mapping of leading industry classification schemes like ISIC, NACE, NAICS, MCC, and UNSPSC enables you to quickly estimate your spend-based carbon emissions.

Using Python to interact with the Climatiq API

The API can be used with any programming language, but here are a few handy snippets to help you get started with Python.

Explore More

See our emission factor database or try out our demo apps.