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September 23, 2021

We’ve raised $2 million to pioneer an open-source emissions data platform

We’ve raised $2 million to pioneer an open-source emissions data platform

Today, we’re excited to share the news that Climatiq has closed a $2M pre-seed investment round led by Cherry Ventures alongside renowned business angels. You can read more about it on Sifted.

We're on a mission to drive climate action through data and insight. That’s why, starting today, we’re extending our Beta program to the public. Now anyone can use Climatiq to accurately calculate the carbon emissions of a whole range of activities—all for free. 

We can't wait to see how you use our API and open dataset of global climate data to help measure and drive down emissions.

Open-source innovation in sustainability 

Eight months into our journey, we’re deeply convinced that organisations are facing real challenges in how they adapt their businesses to face the new reality of the climate crisis. There is no going ‘back to normal’. New regulations and investor demands are forcing operational changes that many are not equipped to handle.

The existential crisis of climate change has never been more critical. Our ambition is to provide an open dataset of global emission data and the technical infrastructure that organisations need to inform meaningful reductions to their climate footprint.

Since we announced Climatiq in April, we have spoken to numerous experts, practitioners and academics working in sustainability. Most are caught up in an effort to manually collect, calculate and report every single source of emissions using average proxy data, and almost all of them use MS Excel. Often, this is an annual exercise at best, with no way to monitor the impact of new strategies, dive into the data to analyse outliers, make predictions, or benchmark their performance against industry standards. Additionally, current services are often intransparent, expensive and too often substitute spend-based proxies for accurate and granular data. 

We want to change this, replace proxy data with real, accurate data, monitor emissions in real-time and highlight potential quick wins, long-term solutions, and current industry benchmarks. We approach this with a transparent, open-source mindset: the more data is shared freely, the better and faster the impact. 

During the past few months, Climatiq’s open database has quickly grown to hold several thousand verified emission factors that cover numerous carbon-emitting activities, and we are adding new data every week. Currently, our dataset includes energy data for 150 countries and granular data for transportation, logistics, travel, cloud computing, and more. The data has been reviewed by Climatiq’s in-house team of climate scientists and verified by renowned international agencies such as the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), European Environmental Agency (EEA), Defra (UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), UBA (German Environmental Agency), EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), and ADEME (French Agency for Ecological Transition).

What other data do you need? Tell us what we should add next to make your work easier. 

Open access to the data not only increases adoption, transparency and accuracy, but also enables researchers, organisations and NGOs to collaborate and publish new data that significantly increases its scope. 

Driving climate action through data and insight

It’s with an ever-growing conviction that we pursue our mission to drive climate action through data and insight. As we enter the next phase of developing Climatiq, we’ll be focusing on further expanding our open climate impact database in collaboration with the science, technology and sustainability communities, making the insight needed for accurate calculations and decision-making readily available. 

In parallel, we will be focused on putting our API into the hands of as many developers and PMs (makers) as possible, to inspire them to make emissions awareness, and by extension climate-positive action, an integral part of everything they do.

We invite you to join us and build for a green tomorrow, today.


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