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October 13, 2022

€6M in Funding to Scale Climatiq’s Embedded Carbon Intelligence Solution

€6M in Funding to Scale Climatiq’s Embedded Carbon Intelligence Solution

We are excited to announce that we have raised €6M in funding to accelerate our growth, led by Singular and joined by experts from the infrastructure and developer tooling space such as Datadog and Snyk, with all of our existing investors Cherry Ventures and Angel Invest contributing.

We had a phenomenal year where we went from zero to 1000s of API users and live integrations across 700 projects. Our approach to data has attracted enterprises, PMs, developers, consultants, and entrepreneurs to use our science-based solutions. The momentum in the climate tech space and the reception to our product has made a year go by very fast.

If you want to use software to automatically measure carbon emissions, you have had to start from scratch - until now. Our API can now automate CO2e calculations from transport to procurement and from cloud computing to office management, and provide estimates in real time - anywhere. And in parallel, we have created the largest open emission factor databases globally.

Today, we are more convinced than ever that software will play a critical role in the green transition. We envision that decarbonisation can only happen when carbon metrics are part of everyday decision making, and not just summarised in an annual report. Carbon emissions need to appear where decisions are made - in ERP systems and in Accounting, in Business Analytics and Deal Management systems. Climatiq’s embedded carbon calculation engine is the tool for this.    

And there is more: Our work has always been rooted in science, and so we are very excited to announce our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which will oversee our scientific approach and data governance of the Open Emission Factor Database. Stay tuned as we share more about it in the coming weeks. .

Back to building. We are keen to partner with organisations of all sizes to become truly sustainable through embedded carbon intelligence.