Supply Chain Carbon Emissions

Measure the carbon emissions of complex supply chains. Calculate the aggregate climate impact of freight transport, shipment flows, and logistical energy consumption along your overall supply chain.
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How it works

Calculate supply chain emissions with a simple, powerful API

Flexible API implementation

Convert your supply chain data to CO2e estimates with a few lines of code. Understand the footprint of your logistical operations, including long-haul and last-mile transport. Generate detailed emission metrics for even complex supply chains.

Use the REST API from applications running on any device or server located in any data center.

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Trusted climate data

Choose among thousands of up-to-date and verified emission factors in our open database or import your own to accurately calculate the carbon emissions of any activity.

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Clear insights

Power your solutions and software with automated CO2e calculations. Access the dashboard and get insights about your emissions over time and make informed sustainability decisions.

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Unlock the full potential of Climatiq

Data Sourcing

Accelerate your roadmap

Launch features faster by leveraging our robust carbon calculation infrastructure. Take advantage of our all-inclusive toolkit complete with data, methodology, logic, solution engineering support, and tech to go-to-market fast and meet demand.

Scientific Vetting

Get the full picture

Use a single API to calculate emissions in 16+ economic sectors and 300+ regions. React quickly to customer needs, tailor your solution, and grow your offering to build stronger customer relationships.

Data Transformation

Simplified pricing

Plan and budget resources effectively with our predictable and straightforward pricing model. Get clear price estimates, avoiding runaway costs and complicated fee structures.