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March 28, 2023

Climatiq’s Freight Transport API earns accreditation by Smart Freight Centre

Climatiq’s Freight Transport API earns accreditation by Smart Freight Centre

We are thrilled to announce that Climatiq has been accredited by Smart Freight Centre for GLEC compliant calculations of CO2e emissions, underscoring our commitment to providing reliable, science-based carbon emissions data for freight transport. With this accreditation, you can confidently trust the results from Climatiq’s calculation engine to be accurate and reliable, suitable for audits, reports, and sharing with third parties—increasing their impact both within and beyond your organisation.

The Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC), an initiative of Smart Freight Centre, is the only globally recognised methodology for calculating and reporting greenhouse gas footprints across the logistics supply chain. GLEC unites key logistics industry stakeholders, including shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers, along with governmental bodies and non-governmental organisations to establish a harmonised, transparent, and consistent method for measuring and reporting carbon emissions.

Our GLEC-compliant API endpoint enables teams to integrate emission metrics into their solutions and decision-making processes, helping them measure and manage their logistics and supply chain carbon footprints. This accomplishment reflects the hard work of our team, the guidance of our Scientific Advisory Board, and the support of our global customer base, including our design partner Celonis.

Get started with Climatiq’s Intermodal Freight Transport API

Use Climatiq's calculation engine to get accredited GHG emission calculations for every shipment or journey. Integrate the API into your booking system or shipper dashboard to enable continuous, automated carbon emission tracking and real-time insights.

Get actionable emission data by simply providing two locations, cargo weight, and transportation mode. The API provides accurate emission estimates, complete with leg breakdown, use phase and upstream emissions. For even more precise estimations, the endpoint accepts granular data such as cargo and vehicle types.

Try it out using our demo and start building with our API to integrate carbon emission metrics into your shipping solutions.

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