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November 29, 2023

Climatiq partners with Salesforce to bring trusted emission factor data to the Net Zero Cloud

Climatiq partners with Salesforce to bring trusted emission factor data to the Net Zero Cloud

We’re very excited to share that Climatiq has partnered with Salesforce to bring our extensive global emission factor dataset to the Net Zero Cloud.

Salesforce customers can now access and leverage Climatiq’s database of scientifically vetted emission factors within the Net Zero Cloud – a platform which enables organizations to measure and report their scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Climatiq is one of the first data providers to integrate with the Net Zero Cloud. Our datasets come pre-mapped so that Salesforce customers can easily get started with carbon footprint calculations, simulate scenarios, forecast emissions, and track progress towards net zero goals.

Climatiq's emission factors available on the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Marketplace

Carbon is an emerging KPI for organizations

Sustainability is becoming a strategic priority for organizations. It’s becoming increasingly important not only as a compliance requirement, but as a competitive differentiator, and as a result, carbon emissions are emerging as a critical KPI. Alongside profit and costs, organizations are under increasing pressure from investors, customers and regulators to commit to ambitious carbon reduction targets.

But accurately tracking carbon emissions, reporting on them and taking action based on results has long been a pain point. Accessing trusted scientific data is a resource-intensive and manual task, and interpreting and normalizing it requires expert knowledge. 

Operationalizing sustainability data is another major challenge. Typically, sustainability is treated as a ‘bolt-on’ within organizations, separated from the procurement and supply chain functions in charge of day-to-day operations. This leads to sustainability data, such as emissions dashboards and reports, being siloed from other key business functions and decision makers. Sustainability data is difficult to access and to translate into actionable strategies.

In order to maximize positive environmental impact, carbon emissions data needs to be embedded across the organization and into day-to-day decision making. Integrating carbon data into business activities means organizations can plan with carbon in mind, and balance it against other key decision-making criteria.

Climatiq is the leading source of trusted emission factor data

Climatiq provides the world’s largest database of scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emission factor data. Our data is accredited and aligned with global industry standards, and vetted by an in-house team of scientists, helping organizations allay anxiety about compliance and greenwashing. We continuously improve and expand our data sets, with all our data processes overseen by our scientific advisory board of leading climate scientists. 

Climatiq offers global data coverage for all sectors. By providing this critical data layer, alongside a modular and developer-friendly calculation toolkit, Climatiq helps organizations access insights, embed them into decision-making, and drive meaningful emissions reductions.

Salesforce and Climatiq help organizations operationalize sustainability

"Our partnership with Climatiq represents a significant stride in the evolution of the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud ecosystem. With more than 15,000 emissions factors already pre-mapped to Net Zero Cloud, Climatiq's dataset provides extensive global coverage across key sectors, such as energy and transport, and emission estimations for scope 3 purchased goods and services. This collaboration empowers our customers to streamline their emissions calculations and reporting, helping them reach their sustainability goals faster." said Nina Schoen, Director of Product at Salesforce Net Zero Cloud & Net Zero Marketplace.

Hessam Lavi, Founder and CEO at Climatiq, said: “Cost and profit are traditional enterprise KPIs, but carbon is now joining them. In order to unlock efficiencies and innovate, trusted carbon insights need to be embedded into core business functions and become part of the day-to-day operations. We’re delighted to join the Net Zero Cloud Marketplace, and to support thousands of Salesforce customers across different regions and industries to accelerate their journey to net zero.”

Climatiq’s carbon emission factor data is now available to Salesforce customers via the Net Zero Cloud Marketplace. Find out more about how to integrate it here.