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April 16, 2024

Climatiq partners with Kinaxis to embed carbon transparency into supply chain planning

Climatiq partners with Kinaxis to embed carbon transparency into supply chain planning

We are thrilled to announce that Climatiq has joined forces with Kinaxis, a global leader in supply chain management and planning solutions. 

This partnership enables carbon transparency to be embedded directly into Kinaxis’ RapidResponse platform, which powers concurrent supply chain planning and execution. Together, we are revolutionizing how companies plan, monitor, and optimize their supply chains for minimal environmental impact.

Kinaxis, known for its innovative, AI-powered solutions that serve Fortune 500 giants like P&G and IBM, has long championed the cause of making supply chains more agile and responsive. Recognizing the increasing demand for environmental accountability in supply chain operations, Kinaxis sought to empower its users with the ability to not only visualize but actively manage their carbon footprint across the entire value chain.

Carbon is becoming an integral metric in supply chain management

In a time characterized by pressing environmental concerns and evolving ESG standards, businesses face considerable challenges in assessing and reducing the environmental impact of their supply chains. This is especially true for scope 3 emissions which typically make up more than 90% of an organization's carbon footprint. 

Limited visibility into supply chain operations has long been a hurdle to achieving supply chain sustainability. Embedding carbon insights into planning and execution tools provides crucial transparency across these workflows. Businesses can now quantify emissions across their entire networks and pinpoint areas with the highest environmental impacts, such as inefficient transportation routes or energy-intensive processes.

Beyond environmental responsibility, integrating carbon metrics leads to optimized logistics, reduced waste, and more efficient energy use—translating directly into cost savings.

Kinaxis and Climatiq empower sustainable supply chain decisions

Leveraging Climatiq’s data and carbon calculation API, Kinaxis has expanded its RapidResponse platform with a new Sustainable Supply Chain solution, allowing users to access relevant carbon insights and gain detailed knowledge of their supply chain's carbon footprint across scope 1, 2, and 3.

Climatiq's carbon calculation API integrates seamlessly with RapidResponse, embedding critical emissions data directly into the supply chain planning process for improved orchestration.

This allows Kinaxis users to gain visibility into the carbon emissions associated with their supply chain activities across freight transport, shipment flows, and logistical energy consumption – thereby enabling informed, sustainable decision-making within existing workflows.

“Supply chains operate at the expense of the planet, which is exactly why Kinaxis invests so much into making them more sustainable,” said Conrad Mandala, Senior Vice President, Global Partner Organization at Kinaxis. “We are excited to welcome Climatiq to our partner ecosystem and thrilled to be continuing to provide our customers with the technology to help them reduce their impact.”

“Our partnership with Kinaxis underscores our commitment to helping organizations operationalize sustainability by embedding trusted carbon insights into their core business processes,” said Hessam Lavi, Co-founder and CEO at Climatiq. “Together, we are breaking down the silos that have traditionally separated sustainability data from key operational decisions, enabling Kinaxis users to balance their economic, service, and environmental goals effectively.” 

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