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February 21, 2022

Climatiq Walks the Talk: Pending Certified B Corporation

Climatiq Walks the Talk: Pending Certified B Corporation

We are excited to make our commitment to building a culture of purpose official and join a community of corporate leaders: We are proud to carry the Pending Certified B Corporation status.

Putting the planet and people before profit is part of our founding statutes. And though we have been in operations for less than a year, we did not want to miss a beat and applied for Pending B Corp status, reserved for business younger than 12 months.

To be clear: B Corp is more than a label. Joining this community validates our commitment to sustainability as a central part of our operations. We are steadily working to improve and expand our policies and practises to re-apply for fully certified status as soon as we’re allowed to (post one year of operations). This process may take many hours across several months to achieve – but we are convinced that it is the right thing to do.

Corporate Leadership: Committed to Planet and People

The B Corp Impact Assessment spans five impact areas: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. We will, of course, be looking into sharing our progress and results across all of these areas as we work towards full certification.

That said, certification is not the end goal, the goal is a healthy, sustainable culture that is committed and delivers on doing the right thing.

Earlier this year, we already shared our diversity, equity, and inclusion metrics and targets, outlining the journey we are on and the values we aim to practice. 

As a climate tech, emission measurement company, we also decided to project our greenhouse gas emissions into the future, tracking our actual emissions month by month to inform our decisions, reduce and mitigate as we grow instead of as we look back. You can find the results of our first operational quarter here.

Only Just Getting Started: Stay Tuned for Progress and Impact Reports

This is a proud and exciting achievement for us and we are looking forward to sharing our progress with you. Stay tuned for more insight into how we are working with community and customers to raise awareness and educate people about environmental sustainability.

We are on a mission to inform, drive, and accelerate climate-positive decisions and we’ll be sure to reflect that in our impact reports.