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Inorganic nitrogen fertiliser - as n (market for inorganic nitrogen fertiliser - as N)

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Emissions generated by the activity within the product supply chain as described in ecoinvent v3.10. The product inorganic nitrogen fertiliser as N' describes a substance which is supplying the nutrient of Nitrogen to plants. The product represents an equivalent form of Nitrogen that is present in the fertiliser and is expressed as a mass of pure nitrogen (N). The term "inorganic" refers to the source of nutrient being produced from chemical or artificial materials. Modelling this substance in a solution requires the user to add the solvent of their choice in their models. Based on EU regulations (REGULATION (EU) 2019/1009) when this substance is used as fertiliser the N-P-K can vary depending on the fertiliser. The cut-off classification is allocatable product. The activity type is market activity. The reference product amount is 1.

NameInorganic nitrogen fertiliser - as n (market for inorganic nitrogen fertiliser - as N)
CategoryArable Farming
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Year Released
Emission Factor
  • CO2e0000kg/kg
LCA Activity
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Supported CO2e Calculation Method
AR5, AR6

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