Data Versions
Version 5.5

Data Version 5.5

This is the data version 5.5. The highest major version is 5, and the highest minor version is 5. To use the major version, you can use ^5. To use it as a minor version, you can use x.5 e.g. 0.5 or 1.5 This data version was released September 18, 2023.

Data Added

  • BEIS: the latest spend-based dataset has been added - the data are valid from year 2020.

Data Changed

Find a link at the end of this document to a structured table listing all changes.

ClimateTRACE coal factors fixed

We corrected the activity units for coal mining EFs from Climate Trace. After getting in touch with them, they let us know about the unit error on their end.

BEIS international short-haul flights

We corrected the class for BEIS international short-haul flights with and without RF effect.

Data Removed

We removed the Quantis and GHG Protocol Scope 3 Evaluator dataset from the EFDB since the tool is not available anymore (after the 30th of August) on their website.

Link to all changes in a structured format:

Data release changelog google sheet (opens in a new tab)

If there are any emission factors you cannot find, please feel free to reach out.