Data Versions
Version 12.12

Data Version 12.12

This is Data Version 12.12. The highest major version is 12, and the highest minor version is 12. To use the major version, you can use ^12. To use it as a minor version, you can use x.12, e.g., 0.12 or 1.12. This data version was released on April 24th, 2024.

Data Added

This data release introduces:

  • The 2024 GHG Emission Factors Hub dataset, published by EPA, which covers emission factors data across the transportation, energy, and waste sectors.
  • We added two datasets of spend-based emission data for New Zealand, sourced from Market Economics Limited.

Data Changed

This list only covers major changes. Changes covering a smaller subset of emission factors, or changes such as name or description changes, are not listed. Find a link at the end of this document to a structured table listing all changes.

  • We updated the 2019 BEIS spend-based CO2e emission factors values based on the latest dataset "UK full dataset 1990 - 2020 including conversion factors by SIC code".
  • We corrected the year valid for electricity data from the eGrid and GHG Emission Factors Hub datasets, which are published by EPA.
  • We combined emission factors for mobile combustion activities (CO2 data from Table 2 with CH4 and N2O data from Table 5) from the EPA's 2023 GHG Emission Factors Hub dataset to calculate a total CO2-equivalent value.

Data Removed

No data has been removed in this release.

Link to All Changes in a Structured Format:

Data release changelog Google Sheet (opens in a new tab)

If there are any emission factors you cannot find, please feel free to reach out.