Data Versions
Version 1.1

Data Version 1.1

This is the data version 1.1. The highest major version is 1, and the highest minor version is 1. To use the major version, you can use ^1. To use it as a minor version, you can use x.1 e.g. 0.1 or 1.1 This data version was released May 10th 2023.


Data version 1.1 is Climatiq's first data release since introducing data versioning (in API version beta4), so it contains a large number of changes which we had previously held off from making as they could have broken our client's applications.

Data Added

Data Changed

This Data Release comes with a large amount of modifications that you might need to take into account. The larger changes will be listed first, and changes that affect few emission factors at the end.

Minor changes such as name or description changes are not listed. Find a link at the end of this document to a structured table listing all changes.

Electricity changes

Electricity emission factors have been updated to properly list what sort of grid they correspond to.

To make electricity emission factors' activity IDs consistent and make them easier to be used for scope 2 reporting, we have come up with a new activity ID structure as described below:

Emission factors that had the structure electricity-energy_source_*, now generally have the structure electricity-supply_grid-source_*, and the source can be either production_mix, residual_mix, supplier_mix, or any specific generation source if known e.g. coal, oil, natural_gas, etc.

Examples are the following:

  • electricity-energy_source_rapeseed_oil_chp
  • electricity-energy_source_grid_mix
    as the grid mix corresponds to supplier mix unless specified by the source.
  • electricity-energy_source_grid_mix_residual_mix_market_based
  • electricity-energy_source_hydro

GHG Protocol activity-unit changes

Emission factors with the following activity IDs have unit changed from km to passenger-km:

  • passenger_flight-route_type_na-aircraft_type_na-distance_na-class_na-rf_na
  • passenger_train-route_subway-fuel_source_na
  • passenger_vehicle-vehicle_type_automobile-fuel_source_na-distance_na-engine_size_na
  • passenger_vehicle-vehicle_type_bicycle-fuel_source_na-distance_na-engine_size_na
  • passenger_vehicle-vehicle_type_bus-fuel_source_na-distance_na-engine_size_na
  • passenger_vehicle-vehicle_type_taxi-fuel_source_na-distance_na-engine_size_na
  • passenger_vehicle-vehicle_type_van-fuel_source_na-distance_na-engine_size_na

GHG Protocol Data Quality Flags

The source (GHG Protocol) does not clarify if the kgCO2e value is calculated using either IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) or IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) methodologies. Therefore, we added the notable_methodological_variance quality flag.

All EFs from GHG Protocol Tool got a new flag notable_methodological_variance, because the dataset was deprecated and removed from their website. We might remove it in the further versions of the database.

Fuel changes

Emission factors that started with fuel_type, such as fuel_type_wood_and_wood_residuals-fuel_use_stationary_combustion now correctly start with fuel-type (dash instead of underscore)

BEIS 2021 Flight EFs

All BEIS 2021 flight EFs (freight and travel) got new sub-id in the activity ID: distance_uplift_included, e.g.

  • freight_flight-route_type_domestic-distance_na-weight_na-rf_excluded

Heat and steam changes

Many emission factors that started with heat-and-steam-, such as heat-and-steam-type_plant_medium_natural_gas have been renamed to properly start with heat_and_steam-, such as the previous one being renamed to heat_and_steam-type_plant_medium_natural_gas

The heat and steam emission factor from the GHG protocol has further changed activity ID from heat-and-steam-type_na to heat_and_steam-type_purchased


Many emission factors that previously started with wtt in the first part of the activity ID, such as:

  • passenger_flight_wtt-
  • passenger_train_wtt-
  • freight_vehicle_wtt-
  • freight_flight_wtt-

Now we have omitted the wtt part. The wtt meaning well-to-tank is now reflected in the lca_activity of the emission factors instead.

Cloud changes

Several emission factors regarding Azure cloud regions for India have changed activity IDs, such as:

  • networking-provider_azure-region_central_india

We recommend you use the dedicated cloud endpoints instead of these emission factors directly.


All ids starting from metals_primary- turned into just metals-, e.g.

  • metals_primary-type_aluminium_and_aluminium_products


Activity_ids for vehicle EFs from EXIOBASE were corrected to match the usual Climatiq’s structure for this category.

  • passenger_vehicle-type_motor_vehicles_trailers_semitrailers-fuel_source_na-engine_size_na-vehicle_age_na-vehicle_weight_na
  • passenger_vehicle-type_other_transport_equipment-fuel_source_na-engine_size_na-vehicle_age_na-vehicle_weight_na

Water EFs from EXIOBASE

All activity IDs for water distribution services have changed, to reflect new activity ID structure:

  • water-collected_purified_water_distribution_of_water_services

Stone EFs from EXIOBASE

Activity IDs for stone materials changed from other_materials-type_stone to mined_materials-type_stone Because of re-categorization Other MaterialsMined Materials

Inert Waste Management EF from EXIOBASE

To correct a typo we have changed activity ID:

  • waste_management-type_intert_metal_waste_for_treatment_incineration

Name change: "Intert/metal waste for treatment: incineration" → "Inert/metal waste for treatment: incineration"

Paddy Rice EFs from EXIOBASE

To comply with the activity ID structure for Arable Framing category we have corrected activity ID EFs for paddy rice in the following way:

  • arable_farming-paddy_rice

Data Removed

  • EPA spend-based data version 1.0 and 1.1 were removed.

Link to all changes in a structured format:

Datarelease changelog google sheet (opens in a new tab)

If there are any emission factors you cannot find, please feel free to reach out.