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Land use change - annual crop (land use change - annual crop)

Emission factor summary

Emissions generated by the activity within the product supply chain as described in ecoinvent v3.10. This represents the service of "land use change annual crop". It models the air emissions associated with transforming and occupying 1 ha of land to be used for an annual crop production. The transformation can be split between change from annual cropland perennial cropland primary forest secondary forest and grassland to annual crop. The transformation data (split) have regional variation so users are prompted to examine the relevant geographies that are of interested. The cut-off classification is allocatable product. The activity type is ordinary transforming activity. The reference product amount is 1.

NameLand use change - annual crop (land use change - annual crop)
SectorLand Use
CategoryLand Use Change
Unit Type
Year Released
Emission Factor
  • CO2e0000kg/ha
LCA Activity
Refer to source
Supported CO2e Calculation Method
AR5, AR6
Data Versioning
  • Status: Current

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