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Waste polyurethane (market for waste polyurethane)

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Emissions generated by the activity within the product supply chain as described in ecoinvent v3.10. The product 'waste polyurethane' is a solid waste under the category of construction and demolition wastes. It can be sourced in many and various ways and therefore it can belong in the following waste categories: industrial. It is primarily generated in a wide range of production and construction activities in many different sectors. 'waste polyurethane' contain the following fractions: 100% waste polyurethane. By the database default (and per unit of reference product) 'waste polyurethane' has 0.2% water on wet mass basis (99.8% dry matter) and Carbon present is of only fossil origin (64.13% on a dry matter basis). It has a lower heating value of 30.67 MJ/kg. This kind of by-product (recyclable or waste) is generated from ordinary transforming activities and as such can be considered for modelling waste outputs of comparable composition. In the ecoinvent database treatment option/s for this by-product include: deposition (inert material landfill sanitary landfill unsanitary landfill) thermal (municipal incineration) uncontrolled forms of disposal (open dump open burning). Based on the aforementioned treatments this by-product receives it is a non-hazardous waste. This by-product can be modelled on two levels: treatment activity and market activity. The former one refers to the specific technology treating the by-product while the latter level represents a mix of treatments. Users are encouraged to inspect the modelling assumptions of the treatment activities and when selecting the market to additionally inspect the treatment mix. Collection and transportation of this by-product is accounted in the respective market activity users are advised to inspect and modify the average transportation distances for a case specific modelling. The cut-off classification is Waste. The activity type is market activity. The reference product amount is -1.

NameWaste polyurethane (market for waste polyurethane)
CategoryWaste Product
Unit Type
Year Released
Emission Factor
  • CO2e0000kg/kg
LCA Activity
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Supported CO2e Calculation Method
AR5, AR6

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