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Bark chips - wet - measured as dry mass (sulfate pulp production - from softwood - unbleached)

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Emissions generated by the activity within the product supply chain as described in ecoinvent v3.8. The product 'bark chips, wet, measured as dry mass' represents bark which has been further chopped into chips. The weight is expressed as dry mass. Bark chips are produced at the sawmill site or, if debarking already takes place in the forest, in the forest. They are further produced as by-product in pulping activities and wood processing activities such as fibreboard production and particleboard production. Bark chips are used as wood fuel. The cut-off classification is allocatable product. The activity type is ordinary transforming activity. The reference product amount is 1.

NameBark chips - wet - measured as dry mass (sulfate pulp production - from softwood - unbleached)
SectorMaterials and Manufacturing
CategoryPaper and Cardboard
Unit Type
Year Released
Emission Factor
  • CO2e0000kg/kg
LCA Activity
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Supported CO2e Calculation Method
AR4, AR5

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