Get an API Key

How to Get A Climatiq API Key

To use the Climatiq API for CO2-equivalent emission estimation, you will need an API key, which you will have to provide for each request. You can think of the API Key as the key to our house - if you have it you can come whenever you want and read our books (they're all full of emission factors).

Sign up

To get your API key you will have to sign up for Climatiq. You can sign up at this link. (opens in a new tab) You will be prompted for a few sign up details. Fill those in and you should end up at afterwards.

Login page

Copy API key

After you've signed up, click on "API Keys" in the sidebar. Click on the "Create API Key" button and name your API Key to generate one.

API Key in Dashboard

The long string in the "API Key" column is your API Key. You'll have to provide that when reading the API.

Make a request

Grabbed the key? Continue to learn how to make your first request, or read the full API docs.