Data Versions
Version 6.6

Data Version 6.6

This is the data version 6.6. The highest major version is 6, and the highest minor version is 6. To use the major version, you can use ^6. To use it as a minor version, you can use x.6 e.g. 0.6 or 1.6 This data version was released November 16, 2023.

Data Added

  • We have added the new EPA spend-based data, released in 2023 and valid from 2019
  • We have added 2023 BEIS data for refrigerant gases
  • We have added worldwide electricity generation and upstream data from IEA available with an additional license.

Data Changed

This list only covers major changes that cover 20+ emission factors. Changes covering a smaller subset of emission factors, or changes such as name or description changes are not listed. Find a link at the end of this document to a structured table listing all changes.

UNFCCC LCA Activities

The LCA activity for the UNFCCC factors were wrong before, and they are now updated to reflect the correct LCA activity

Climate TRACE Unit

The Climate TRACE activity unit for 32 paper-related emission factors was previously listed as kg CO2e/kg, but the correct unit is kg CO2e/ton. This has been fixed, and will lead to lower estimations using these factors.

Data Removed

  • We have removed outdated ADEME electricity data.
  • We have removed 3 electricity emission factors from DISER. We now utilize the up-to-date dataset published by the Clean Energy Regulator, a division of the Australian Government, to gather electricity generation data for specific Australian subregions.

Link to all changes in a structured format:

Data release changelog google sheet (opens in a new tab)

If there are any emission factors you cannot find, please feel free to reach out.