API Reference


The estimation response model is returned in a variety of estimation-related endpoints.

The model contains the total amount of emissions in kgCO2e, and includes the emission factor used for the calculation.

co2e float
Emission factor carbon dioxide equivalent.
co2e_unit string
The unit in which the co2e field is expressed.
co2e_calculation_method string
Which calculation methodology that was used for the calculation. Is always ar4, ar5 or ar6.
Learn more about calculation methods here.
co2e_calculation_origin string
Whether or not the data source or Climatiq made the calculation. Is always source or climatiq.
Learn more about calculation methods here.
emission_factor used emission factor
The emission factor that was used for the calculation.
constituent_gases constituent gases
Indicates which constituent gases the emission factor is composed of.
audit_trail audit trail flag
Indicates whether Audit trail was enabled for this request. Is one of enabled, disabled or selector.
Indicates the parameters which were multiplied by the factor to estimate emissions.
"co2e": 95.42,
"co2e_unit": "kg",
"co2e_calculation_method": "ar4",
"co2e_calculation_origin": "source",
"emission_factor": {
"name": "Electricity supplied from grid - residual mix",
"activity_id": "electricity-supply_grid-source_residual_mix",
"id": "eefd06c3-1c7a-447c-aaf5-fe958bfa470e",
"access_type": "public",
"source": "AIB",
"source_dataset": "European Residual Mix",
"year": 2022,
"region": "RS",
"category": "Electricity",
"source_lca_activity": "electricity_generation",
"data_quality_flags": [
"constituent_gases": {
"co2e_total": 95.42,
"co2e_other": null,
"co2": 95.42,
"ch4": null,
"n2o": null
"activity_data": {
"activity_value": 100,
"activity_unit": "kWh"
"audit_trail": "selector"