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GA Release Notes

General Availability Release Notes

We are thrilled to announce that Climatiq has officially transitioned from beta to General Availability (GA)! This milestone not only signifies our growth and maturation as a platform but also underscores our commitment to providing a stable and reliable service. For our users, this transition means you can expect more structured versioning of our endpoints and a solid promise of backwards compatibility.

Introducing Our New Base URL

Say goodbye to and hello to our streamlined base URL: While the URL will remain operational for the foreseeable future, we encourage you to start using the new base URL for all your future requests.

Evolution of API Versioning

With the GA launch, we're also refining our approach to API versioning. Our endpoints that support the same feature or domain will now be grouped and versioned together. For example, you'll encounter URLs structured as: /data/v1/estimate and /data/v1/search, or /travel/v1/hotel and /travel/v1/distance. This allows us to release new versions of features without having to update the URL for everyone, and it allows you to easily see what endpoints work together.

We're also introducing preview URLs for endpoints currently under development. This new system offers you early access to our latest features, with a short but structured transition period when we release a newer version.

For a comprehensive understanding of these changes, please consult our API Versioning Guide.

Updated URLs

As our new versioning strategy involves updating our endpoint URLs to reflect their version directly within the URL path, all of our URLs have changed. Here are a few examples of the changes:

  • /estimate is now /data/v1/estimate
  • /search is now /data/v1/search
  • /freight/intermodal is now /freight/v1/intermodal

While the previous URLs will remain active, we recommend transitioning to the updated versions to take advantage of the latest improvements.

Migration Guide

Transitioning from beta4 should be straightforward for most users:

  1. Update your base path from to
  2. If you've been using any endpoints previously marked as alpha, check if they're now classified as preview. If so, your new base URL will be
  3. Review the documentation for the endpoints you use and update your URLs according to the new structure provided in the API Reference Documentation.

Congratulations, you're now fully migrated to Climatiq's GA release!