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April 8, 2021

Introducing Climatiq: The Carbon Footprint Intelligence Platform

Introducing Climatiq: The Carbon Footprint Intelligence Platform

Today, we're excited to announce Climatiq where we'll apply all of the lessons learned through building software products to tackling the climate crisis. As the world begins transitioning to a green economy, our aim is to offer businesses the technical tools necessary to speed up this evolutionary step. Climatiq enables organisations to automatically measure and manage their carbon footprint using a simple, powerful toolkit that seamlessly integrates with the software they already use, allowing business continuity and efficient transition to net-zero.

Waking Up to the Climate Crisis

In 2021, it’s now clear that most of the major struggles faced by our planet and its people—e.g. mass migration, species loss, rising ocean levels, etc.—are knock-on effects of rapid climate change. As citizens we have become more aware of the very real existential risk posed by climate change and actively seek ways to make better, more climate-friendly life choices. Businesses have also begun to step up in bigger numbers to their responsibility in this fight, many pledging net-zero transition plans. Though these are often heavy on buzzwords and light on specific actions, it’s clear that sustainability and corporate social responsibility have permanent seats in corporate boardrooms. While the good intention may be there, the knowledge needed to execute on promises is often sorely lacking. 

Ambitious Government Environmental Policies

With a crisis at this scale, we can’t rely on the goodwill of individuals and businesses to lead the change. Fortunately, governments are creating the necessary pressure and incentives to mitigate and reduce climate impact from economic activities, and are allocating massive funds to support the transition to a green economy. For instance, the decarbonisation of the energy grid through renewable sources has had a significant impact on lowering the carbon footprint of energy production. The price of renewables has steadily dropped and is now on par with non-renewables in many countries. In parallel, investments and rollout of electric vehicles are accelerating and across Europe we see an increasing number of EVs on the streets. 

New EU regulations for sustainable business activities come into effect in 2022, requiring a wide range of companies to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and present metrics and plans for reducing them. However, in reality, most businesses don’t know what their carbon footprint is, or how they compare to the average. Surveys have shown that more than 95% of the affected business don’t have the means to manage this yet. 

Businesses Lack Effective Technical Tools

Corporations are therefore under heavy pressure to create the necessary frameworks to meet climate change mitigation directives. You can’t manage what you don’t measure and getting started with corporate carbon accounting is no easy feat. The available tools are often limited in scope, require significant investment in IT, and are non-scalable as they rely on manual data collection and calculations. 

What if you could measure your carbon footprint as easily as installing Google Analytics on your website or adding Stripe to process credit card payments? To scale their sustainability efforts, businesses require flexible tools that are easily-integrated and allow them to programmatically measure and monitor the climate impact of activities.

Climatiq Makes It Easier to Scale Emissions Down To Zero 

We built the Climatiq platform to help businesses understand how and where they generate carbon emissions to make it easy to scale effective change. Our flexible tracking API can be integrated into software that businesses already use to accurately measure and continuously monitor greenhouse gas emissions. Supported by meaningful data, organisations can then use the Climatiq Marketplace to reduce their carbon emissions and offset the rest through high-impact projects. 


Use Climatiq's REST API to embed carbon accounting in your applications.

Businesses rely on a range of software solutions to manage activities ranging from HR, procurement, marketing, sales, IT, logistics, production, finance, or accounting to mention a few. These records hold vital information to help businesses understand where, and to what extent, greenhouse gases are generated. Our analytics software takes advantage of the data logged by these systems to shortcut the path to climate-positive transformation.  

Analyse your climate footprint with Climatiq's dashboard.

Software alone won’t solve the existential risk of the climate crisis, but is an essential tool in enabling change at scale. We hope to see a future where sustainable business is the norm and we aim to build the technical infrastructure that enables green transition. 

We hope that you will join us and start building for a green tomorrow, today.